New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Hi friends, I'm back! I want to share with you this pictures. I taken it in a North Italy Castle at midnight. (I used it like final shoot... (show more)
Exif Data
  • NIKON D750
  • 35.0 MM F/1.4
  • f/1.4
  • 35mm
  • 1/100
  • 250

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  1. Brittanny Rogone

    Really cool shot

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  2. Matthew Saville

    Really well done, thanks for sharing! Did you use two flashes back there, or joust one? It looks like really well-shaped light.

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  3. A
    Matthew Saville

    I think the pose could be a little more dynamic; they’re holding each other in relatively the same way, and it would have been great to see her lean back just a tiny bit and have him lean over her just a bit too. Add just a touch of romance to the shot…

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