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Any overall crit here that can help me improve?

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  1. Crystal Youhana

    My first suggestion with this image is that you try asking for the middle to switch legs and put the foot that is further away up and not to bend the other one so much. Her looking down is a bit to contrived or forced I would have her looking toward the scenery a bit so that it explains a bit more about why she is standing there. I like the direction you were going here just a couple minor adjustments would make this image really beautiful.

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  2. Brent Mantooth

    the sky provides a lot of empty space with not much texture, and the landscape is rather washed out.  I think a gradient filter to bring down the exposure (of everything over the wall) would help a lot and get some color in the image.  The wall does provide a great leading line, but so much of the image is the line, the subject feels distant.  Try cropping, keeping the lower left corner, with the same aspect ratio and see how it changes the balance of the model and landscape?

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  3. A
    Justin Lin

    Skies are not fully blown or retained.  Suggestion to go with one or the other

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  4. Dylan Burr

    Too much headspace. I’d kneel down and have the wall higher on the right and use those leading lines to her which she would be larger and in the left third.

    The leading leg should be bent like you have here.

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  5. Rishi Tiwary

    amazing composition. nailed it!!

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