New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

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Any critique welcome. Using a very old nikon D3000 and thinking of upgrading which might help reduce noise?

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  1. Crystal Youhana

    What iso setting are you using? Assuming that you shot in manual mode? 

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  2. Brent Mantooth

    looks like you used a flash, as the sunlight is warm and behind her, creating a great back light.  I think using a 1/2 CTO gel on the flash (or a gold reflector?) would warm her up and make her fit into the scene a little better.  I don’t see any noise, looks great to me.

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  3. Crystal Youhana

    I switched from a d5500 to a d850 this past year so I know where you are feeling the pull to buy a new camera if I could do it again I would try upgrading my glass first and get a new lens. If you rent one for a week you might feel like the camera is not the most  important part of the game. Or rent the camara you want to purchase and see if it is the missing link for you … ultimately you are the only one who will know … good luck ! 

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