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Any suggestions for posing in the middle of the scene with Grandma and Grandpa? Any tweaks to the exposure settings???
Exif Data
  • 5D MARK 3
  • 24-70MM
  • f/f5.6
  • 1/250 seconds
  • 800


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  1. A

    posing is good except take extras with big groups, looks like one girl has closed eyes.

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  2. B
    Amanda Burnham

    This looks very well thought out. I like how you were aware of foreshortening and had the girls sitting in front angle their legs. What a beautiful family! 

    I see what you mean by the gap in front of Grandpa… maybe if Grandpa had the littlest on his lap and didn’t have his face covered by him/her that might have helped. The little boy in red could have stood in front of them and not covered him but I like to keep members of individual families together, so that may be what you are doing too and it gets tricky. If nothing else, you might have tried the sitting girls back-to-back with their legs out the other way. I think I prefer the way you have them, but it’s a thought. My first choice is baby on Grandpa’s lap.

    I think it’s great Mom is showing connection with the boy in red, but she looks like she is straining with that arm. 

    My last comment is, in a perfect world, if this is a big park and you have the space AND if you have a 70-200 lens, I would use that to compress them. It would make the people in front not look as disproportionate. 

    I bet this family loves this photo! It’s SUPER hard to manage a large family and I think you’ve done it well. :)

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