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Just any constructive criticism you can offer! Thanks!
Exif Data
  • EF50MM F/1.8 STM
  • f/5
  • 50mm
  • 1/250 seconds
  • 100


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  1. Brian Burke

    Nice capture! The first thing that jumps out at me is the horizon line being slanted. It can be distracting, so personally I prefer a composition with a straight line horizon. Also, there is maybe a little too much bush in the frame. We want to see the human subject, and the expression. Just a little bit of bush is enough for an accent. So maybe crop it square or 4×5 so you subject is more pronounced, filling up that frame. The expression is interesting, but how many shots did you capture? I find when shooting people it’s best to take a bunch of bursts; can your camera do bursts? Since you can’t ever quite tell when the exact moment is going to give the best expression, shooting on burst will end up giving you the most diversity of expressions to choose from in your post-processing. That’s just my two cents. Nice job, all the best!

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    • Chad Bleich

      Thanks Ryan, I went ahead and cropped, and straightened the horizon. I agree it looks much better and am now more cognizant of that in my other photos. Thank you!

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  2. Ryan Bouwkamp

    I like how you utilized the rule of thirds with subject placement. If this was my image I would use either a polarizer on my lens or use a gradient in post processing to bring out the blue in the sky. Also, his face is quite dark. maybe either utilize a flash or brush on his face in Lightroom (or whatever you use) to brighten his face up a bit. A larger aperture would also bring him out more as the subject by blurring out a little bit of the background. That would really bring the focus to him rather then everything around him.

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    • Chad Bleich

      Thanks Ryan, I actually just got a flash and am learning more about utilizing my light more wisely. Thank you for the critique!

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