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  1. Matthew Saville

    Is that….FIRE on the water? Looks pretty crazy and cool, but unfortunately the brightness is really stealing the show from the couple. This is definitely a situation in which I would have under-exposed the shot like crazy, so that you could actually see the flames, or not blown out whatever that stuff is, …and then add a flash *on* the couple to brighten them and give them emphasis. Then bracket as necessary to add faint shadow detail elsewhere in the image…

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    • Brian Bash

      Thanks for the critique! Yes that is fire on the water,  and if i had more time for this shot i totally would have flashed them from the front. the next time i attempt a shot like this i will keep this in mind!

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    • Matthew Saville

      Cool! Alternately, if getting a flash in front of them is not practical, I would have also considered lining up the couple with a single fire-fountain, framed the shot vertically, and gone NUTS with a very very bright flash behind the couple, so that you could have shot 2-3 stops darker on the ambient, and had a very minimalistic creative shot of just the couple bursting with light above, and the fire / fountain below.

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