New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Show Critique
Fun group shot with the bridal party. I was limited to an inside shot in a small church.

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  1. A
    Lauchlan Toal

    Fun shot with some great expressions. The lighting’s nice and soft, but it feels a little flat. Having the strobe set to a brighter setting might help, or even boosting the exposure in post a bit. The pews in the bottom corners are also a bit distracting, depending on your lens it might have been possible to get those out of the frame, but not a huge issue. Overall a strong, lively shot, nice work.

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  2. B
    Jon Smallwood

    Great shot! I know it can be diffucult to get group shots like this. Next time try to take notice of random background elements and get them out of the frame if you can. These mics and chairs, along with the mason jar on the right side of the frame. But other than that great lighting, sharp focus, and wonderful image!

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    Jimmy Jax

    He is the best! :-)

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