New Workshop: Photographing Group Portraits!

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Exif Data
  • NIKON D750
  • 35mm F1.4
  • f/6.3
  • 1/200 seconds
  • 100


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  1. Amanda Burnham

    I just realized this is another of your photos, Bogdan-Alexandru! I promise I am not trolling looking to comment on your photos! They do attract my attention, however. You have such interesting perspectives! Seeing this light and using it to create this moment – LOVE! 

    I do find the letters behind them distracting, however. They must have been metallic… they are putting off lots of light, making themselves the brightest part of the image and taking away from the subjects. Would it have been possible to have the subjects step closer to you and you step back in order to have them cover the letters? Maybe the light wouldn’t have been the same. I’d probably just Photoshop out the letters if I could unless they were an important part of the story

    I like the drama you created with the pose, but what if he had one more point of connection? His right arm doesn’t really have a purpose right now…. maybe he could have placed it softly on her shoulder or the tricep area of her arm that is on his cheek. That might also take away attention from the pulling on his shirt that’s creating a bit of a tummy. Just an idea. 

    You inspire me!

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  2. Bogdan-Alexandru Bucur

    Thank you again for your nice words and feedback :D! I am new to event photography and I am just trying to learn . You are right those letters are distracting, they are more iluminated than the subject, and his hand should of been on her tummy. I had to do this one in a hurry because the cake was just about to come out so I let them do their thing. That’s my main problem, I get lost in the heat of the moment and miss these details that make the difference.> I tried to edit the letters out, is it better now?

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    • Amanda Burnham

      It’s my problem too. I get so involved with the time and then the couple and keeping up everyone’s energy that I don’t catch the tiny things I could have done to make it better. That’s why I am doing so much critique.. I’m hoping to train my eye to notice at the time I am photographing! 

      Yes, I think your edit improves the shot! Well done! I love this photo so much! If you are only beginning, you will be even more amazing as you get better and more experienced! :)

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