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I.D. Ramadhana Please give me some idea to make emotional photo or everything to make... (show more)

Giorgio Zamboni Started from a simple idea to focus the image on the shadows of the... (show more)

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Giorgio Zamboni the lights it too hot on the couple, and I understand that if I want this style of pictures I have remove them from the frame. In this picture.  I took... (show more)

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Giorgio Zamboni In this picture I used a Nikon sb910 speedlight to light the couple and... (show more)

Giorgio Zamboni What do you think about pose and lighting?

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Matthew Saville Secondly, I think this whole location is just gorgeous, and it is actually a GOOD thing that you have used depth of field to render more of it in... (show more)

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Brent Mantooth First, I couldn’t have done this without SLR lounge workshops!... (show more)

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Brent Mantooth thanks, good points.  even after the work up, I never noticed the highlight on the floor (maybe due to image overload from all the shots from the... (show more)

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Matthew Saville I do like the mood here , the backflash is beautiful, and the overall balance of your lights, the exposure, and the mood of the whole scene is great. I... (show more)

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Matthew Saville If the couple has a slight height difference that makes her taller than him, I always ask them if they're OK with her looking taller, or if he'd rather be... (show more)

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Giorgio Zamboni Hi friends, I’m back! I want to share with you this pictures. I... (show more)

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Giorgio Zamboni I understand what you mean, thank you! Details can change the mood of the image :)

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