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Giorgio Zamboni What can I improve to this “no look” portrait?

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Matthew Saville For a cropped-body shot like this, I might get just a bit closer, and then have them look at each other instead of away from each other, to give more... (show more)

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P.J. Oswald I’m looking for some help in the composition and/or posing here,... (show more)

John Armato Since it won’t let me choose the camera, this was shot with a... (show more)

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Christopher Lin I would probably crop wider so that their feet are not cut of

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Genie Rae Cute! I might remove the upside down lamp on the right side / remove some of the right side, it doesn't help the image to have it there.

Panorama Double Exposure Nikon D7000

Savio Barco Caught the groom taking a peep at the bride… a Candid shot…... (show more)