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Sawyer Mahoney Blending techniques, overall what works and doesn’t?

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Matthew Saville Either way, remember that I'm just being super detail-oriented because this is already a stunning image, and to critique a great image you have to aim even... (show more)

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Donatas Uselis what would be the suggestions to improve this photo?

Rich Orange Thoughts on lighting, composition and pose please

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Matthew Saville Hi Rich! Thanks for sharing this great image. I like the overall mood, I think it's a very great blend of understated yet dramatic lighting, scenery, and... (show more)

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David Patton Looking for general impressions of this photo. It is one of my favorite... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Oh, I see, so that's how you got the light under his hat to shine, and the rest of the rimlight! Wow, you did such a good job of making the rest of it look... (show more)

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igor sarac Posing

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Matthew Saville For me personally, people's facial expressions usually need to be similar when they're interacting with each other. For example in this shot, he is smiling... (show more)

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