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Matthew Thomas- Wicher I have zero photography experience whatsoever. I like taking night... (show more)

Shalin Patwa Guide for Portrait Photography and Analyse this Picture and Advise.

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Guil Schotte Fuchsia on your subject makes a powerful statement, which draws the eye. I would personally choose a narrower depth of field or light the foreground more so... (show more)

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Shalin Patwa is this Proper Portrait Photography? What to take into consideration... (show more)

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Guil Schotte Nice choice of location and effective use of props.  The framing works very well, especially with the depth of field you selected.  Personally, I... (show more)

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Brian Thomas Any comments on this photo?

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Matthew Saville The tree here is also a bit distracting. I know that eliminating both of these foreground elements might make the whole image feel more 2-dimensional, but... (show more)

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Brian Thomas how could I improve this picture?

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Matthew Saville Regarding the overall dynamic feel to the shot, and the slightly flat light, I'm guessing that is partly an effect of the HDR processing, and the slight glow... (show more)

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