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Giorgio Zamboni Do you think there is too much space between the couple?

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Matthew Saville In a straight-on scene like this, don't forget to also crouch down for at least one shot, right at ground level, so that you can include their feet.

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Christian Boecker Looking for overall critique, especially posing, lighting and post... (show more)

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Matthew Saville If the "uneven/dirty" skin tone is due to mixed light and poor quality light sources, then yes, absolutely. In fact, that's one thing that I often struggled... (show more)

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Shannon Gillingham Any critique is helpful

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Jana Roels very nice composition! I think brighting the couples clothing a bit in post processing would help them stand out more

John Armato Since it won’t let me choose the camera, this was shot with a... (show more)

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Christopher Lin I would probably crop wider so that their feet are not cut of

Blake Rich I feel that my photography is improving over previous work, and would... (show more)

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Genie Rae Interesting angle, though it's a little strange to have her hairline be the focus point. Seems like the focus is soft overall, give it a little sharpening. I... (show more)

Genie Rae Any critiques on color or processing here? Would you have bothered... (show more)