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Jackie King I would like suggestions on how to crop this photo to lead the eye... (show more)

Aga Manzo General comments

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Dylan Burr I would have put the boy in the left third. Doing this would crop out more of the bg and bring the focus to the LLamas and the boy and less on the bright snow.

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Kylie Anderson Any cc is welcome! Brand new to all of this and am excited to learn and... (show more)

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Ryan Chapman Amazing shot ever. 

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Brian Coughlin New to newborn photography. How can I improve on this? Lighting,... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana Hi Brian, adorable little one!   I would suggest a few less colors in the background for this photo I think  it would give more focus to the... (show more)

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Brian Coughlin How could I improve? Composition okay or is the hand too distracting? Is... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana This would have been a great expression to catch I just wish the hand wasn't covering up the face so much.  And I think you may have missed focus? ... (show more)

Marco Rosada Hi all, thank you for the opportunity to submit this photo. I took this... (show more)

Robert Owens This submitted per my assignment to capture correct exposure using spot... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Hi Kevin,I think there's a lot going for this image, so good job on the overall shooting, the tones, and processing, etc.I think there might be a faint tint... (show more)

Randi Heisler Any and all comments appreciated. Used to working indoors, just started... (show more)