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Haiser Eskandaryan Using MagBeam for the very first time…Any thoughts on how I can... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Yeah on the D750, I don't start worrying until I'm under-exposed at ISO 3200. Generally speaking, though, as long as your exposure is bright, ISO 800-3200 is... (show more)

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Haiser Eskandaryan I’m using the MagBeam for this shot…any tips and ideas on... (show more)

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Matthew Saville I love the overall pose on this one, great arms and elbows and overall shapae of her pose! The vintage processing doesn't feel like it matches the use of... (show more)

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Sagarneel Biswas Over all picture, technical and content, what could have done better.... (show more)

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Rich Orange I like the lighting on this one. Each subject is lit well, the male with the more dramatic lighting and the female with more of a beauty lighting.But i feel... (show more)

Rich Orange Thoughts on lighting, composition and pose please

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Matthew Saville Hi Rich! Thanks for sharing this great image. I like the overall mood, I think it's a very great blend of understated yet dramatic lighting, scenery, and... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana General cc on this portrait thank you for your time !

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Matthew Saville I think the super-warm backlighting is gorgeous, but it is indeed just a touch distracting. I might de-saturate the yellow & orange channels just a tiny... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana Another shot in my session with this lovely high school senior. Looking... (show more)

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Peter O'Hara I really like the b&w conversion, especially the contrast of the white flowers patterns against the great dark blouse.

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