Gianluca Savino I did this shot to a friend of mine that needed of some pics for his... (show more)

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Dee Organ cute little fella! I would crop in a little tighter to remove the distracting elements in the background and add some more contract to make him pop a bit.

Alcides Arboleda Hi, this is my first low key photo, and I really want to know what you... (show more)

CRYSTAL YOUHANA Any thoughts welcome I like this picture but I would love to hear what... (show more)

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Bill Roberts Good boye! Looks like you captured this shot at the perfect time. The image is also very crisp. What lens are you using?

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Julia Vyaz what kind of improvements can I do?

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richard kelly I agree with Trenton.    It's a nice setting, but I think this scene lends itself to a center composition because there is so much symmetry in... (show more)

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Michael Enoh General critic. I will like to improve on the lighting and position of... (show more)

Jessica Muniz How can I improve the lighting in this scene?

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David Gould sun blow out is distracting for me. I would of liked to see this shoot a couple stops darker in the ambiant exposure