Meliena Decuypere Edited this sunset after some feedback, took this picture for the... (show more)

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alex kennedy I like this image.  My only (minor) suggestion is to try to warm up the colors locally where the sun hits the buildings to make it stand out a little more.

Daniel Grama Looking at the highlight in the sky, does that distract or enhance the... (show more)

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Daniel Grama Thanks for the feedback. 

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sharma'arke Dal-daare historical City Zeyla’ this building was established before 8... (show more)

CRYSTAL YOUHANA Is there any thing I could have done to add more drama to this picture.

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alex kennedy Great shot.  I like the perspective and composition.  My only thought of improvement is to brighten up the area where the people are.  It will... (show more)

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Meliena Decuypere Made some edits to bring out the warmth of the sunset a little more,... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Anyways, having said all that, if the brightening of the image DOES look okay, then I'd add one more critique, and that would be that I think the image could... (show more)

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Felix Hui please tell me how to improve evening shooting on my prime lens 50mm f1.8.