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Eric Wilson Is there anything that could have been done better? I realize now that I... (show more)

Ben Cunningham without any specific subject does this photo still look ok? I have... (show more)

Chris Scherpenseel This is a single image with some post processing. Is it possible to... (show more)

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Chris Scherpenseel Sophie thanks for the feedback and I will give the mask a try.  When I go to print with night sky images they always seem to be too dark and I lose the... (show more)

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Sawyer Mahoney Blending techniques, overall what works and doesn’t?

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Matthew Saville Either way, remember that I'm just being super detail-oriented because this is already a stunning image, and to critique a great image you have to aim even... (show more)

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Kirra Smith Would love your thoughts on the lighting at the top of the trees in the... (show more)

Crystal Youhana General cc on this landscape open to suggestions on post processing.... (show more)

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Matthew Saville I think the strong part of this image is definitely the gorgeous light in the sky on the left, so what I would have done is tried to align the foreground... (show more)

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Robert Owens Suggestions on composition, etc.

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Robert Owens Thank you very much Randi. I have done landscape and wildlife for a while but just now stepping into portraiture. I have a website if you want to see more... (show more)

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