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David Hill Just remember that shooting at 26mm (wide angle) and placing your subjects close to the frame edge, it will distort their features and make them wider than... (show more)

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Giorgio Zamboni Hi guys,! This is my storytelling composite. These are the first four... (show more)

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David Hill With regard to the other collage, it feels more intimate due to the closeness of the couple in each of the shots (posing is more intimate) and also they have... (show more)

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Eric Salas Just asking for general thoughts and critique on this shot.

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Aaron Williams I love this as well!   My eye is drawn to the blown out highlight on his temple though,  maybe remove that or tone it?

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Anuj Sahai Lighting, pose, post processing

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Matthew Saville One thing I would recommend is simply trying different "shakes" with the camera. In this one, it looks like the motion could have been a little more smooth.... (show more)

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Allison Fanning Please let me know if there are any ways to improve this photo?

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Allison Fanning This is helpful!  I probably should have bumped up my aperture.  Thanks for the tips!  I will remember these for next time! 

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