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alessandro spedito How could improve the picture? I used a v-flat and one soft light camera... (show more)

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alessandro spedito Agree with you... i noticed the arm after the shoot, and I didn't have without :(. I wanted to give a cold tone, I'll try to warm up a bit like you... (show more)

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Kevin Greaves I tried to balance the warm light from the flame with the surrounding... (show more)

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Matthew Saville Very cool image, I love the moody shadows and warm colors!!!

Brenda Bazán For Lighting Critique on CreativeLive This image is brighter than I... (show more)

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Seth Abel [Seth Abel has deleted this comment]

Jos Riv overall critique on feel, composition

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Wes Jerdon I love it! The ground/dress is a LITTLE too dark to see all what's going on with it though. When you have a super impressive dress you'll want to make sure... (show more)

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