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JD Mims Why is this photo so grainy when I zoom in? Is this a lighting issue or... (show more)

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JD Mims hmm, so is it common to have the manual focus be off even when it looks like its on?

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Crystal Youhana General cc on this portrait of my dog. I was trying to incorporate... (show more)

JD Mims I’m taking the pano stitching tutorial and don’t understand... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana Let me know how it turns out :)

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Steve Martin overall critique. Posing, lighting, post

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Matthew Saville Because of the shadow on her nose, and the catchlight, it almost looks like the brightest light source was not from eye level or above, but actually from... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana Awesome job with expression! I think that without moving foot position you could have had him switch arms and then had her swap to the other direction in the... (show more)

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Crystal Youhana General cc on this portrait thank you for your time.

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Matthew Saville Hi Crystal! Great pose, great expressions, fantastic lighting and overall tones, but I can't get past the glow-y effect unfortunately. I'm sure it's great... (show more)

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