Allison Fanning I would love any cc you can give me on these! Thank You!

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J. Chiu Eyes go to the brightest parts of an image and the most saturated.  The first thing I notice and kept looking at is the sky.  If you tone down the... (show more)

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Carson Smith Not sure if the shadows in the right side of the face help or hurt the... (show more)

Christina Bingham Overall critique please!

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Mo Holster I personally like the posing.  It seems as if they're having a moment and really love each other.  However, it does kind of look like a tree is... (show more)

Ash Nadin This is a pre-shoot for an upcoming wedding for this couple. Its my... (show more)

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Mo Holster With the bottle label facing the camera, it seems like a commercial for that drink.  Maybe set it aside and turn the bottle so the label is hidden if... (show more)

Steve Martin general cc. Lighting, posing, etc.

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Mo Holster I would suggest shooting a vertical frame to include some of the background mountains, and her reflection.  Also, don't let objects or lines (shoreline)... (show more)

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Orlando Cruz I'm drawn to the lights more than the food. Maybe a different angle and a little closer?