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I.D. Ramadhana Please give me some idea to make emotional photo or everything to make... (show more)

Eric Wilson Is there anything that could have been done better? I realize now that I... (show more)

Andy Krieger Just looking for over all comments and suggestions. This model has a... (show more)

Most Recent Critique

Andy Krieger Good comments. Thanks! I brought the left side of the image down when I edited but maybe should bring it down further.

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Marian Florinel Condruz How can I improve the close up approach?

Top Critique

Sophie Shoults I would really get close up to your subject - pick one of these two and go to town with it. As someone else said, the colours are all a bit same-y and it... (show more)

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Sophie Shoults I quite like this image but there is something just ‘not... (show more)

Giorgio Zamboni What can I improve to this “no look” portrait?

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Matthew Saville For a cropped-body shot like this, I might get just a bit closer, and then have them look at each other instead of away from each other, to give more... (show more)

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Jared Elrod Not sure if this photo is eligible due to it being Photoshopped. Would... (show more)

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Jared Elrod Awesome thank you. If I could have done one thing differently it would have been to use a very low powered light on her face. I agree I overdid it on the sky... (show more)

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