kim williams I feel I have an issue with judging the correct lighting for a natural... (show more)

kim williams Easter Portrait practising couples poses with family. Any crtitisizm on... (show more)

Lisa Siddons This was my first newborn shoot in the hospital. The baby was only 7... (show more)

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Christopher Lin Looks like the lighting is bottom up (coming from the left side of the frame).  Remember with portraiture, including newborn portraiture, more... (show more)

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Nikki Hansen Could use a little help on this one. I metered the background light, but... (show more)

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Christopher Lin In post production, I think you can get the whites in her eyes a more pure white (rather than a slight blue tint)

Joshua Craig I’m working on colors and lighting. Trying to get a real natural... (show more)

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Eric Salas This shot is fantastic ! The only thing I would have done differently would be enhancing the blue in the shirt to contrast the orange/browns in the... (show more)

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