Alcides Arboleda Hi, This was my first couple sesion, I did it before seeing this video,... (show more)

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Dan Wade Nice composition. I would have maybe shot this at eye level, shooting this low makes the bottom half of her bottom seem larger, which isnt always flatterning.

Tiffany Hatch How do the colors look in this picture? And lighting? Thanks!

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Dan Wade Lovely posing and composition. If anything, id would have asked her to tilt her head back to him, to make the connection a little better.The exposure looks... (show more)

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Viraj Nachankar This was shot with magnetmod MagGrid and 1/2 CTO Gel on Ad200 from above... (show more)

Becky Hagen Could have I captured this at a different angle to give it more feeling?... (show more)

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Hugo Guzman This is incredible image-making.  Mid tones, dof, white balance.  Very nice.

Jose Ayala Any input is welcomed. Noticed a hair on the cheek figured that it could... (show more)

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Jose Ayala Yes , I did get the spot meter on her face but when I was metering on her face I got some of the clouds and some of the water and a small part of the sun... (show more)

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jason urness learning maternity boudoir. trying to create a style using grain, but... (show more)

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David Hill Yes....face outline excellent due to darker background.....

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