Timothy Bennett If i were to shoot this image again, i would wait until the women in... (show more)

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Joe Licul Beautiful rich colors!!! Perhaps a light directly over the top piece of the cake would bring it out more. Aside from that, it gets little lost among the... (show more)

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Vernie Española I am using a 50mm non-cpu lens (old Nikon lens) and only works if its... (show more)

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CRYSTAL YOUHANA Good job on white balence, I love the color! The focus seems to be on center. Only issue I see is that the composition of this could have allowed a more... (show more)

Chris Cantilena #7 from an engagement shoot earlier this month that was done at a... (show more)

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CRYSTAL YOUHANA This is such a cool concept! The main issue is that your focal point is on the bushes in front of the car. Otherwise a super cool idea! 

Abigail Fast How would you improve this? I plan to do some more creative stuff with... (show more)