Becky Hagen Could have I captured this at a different angle to give it more feeling?... (show more)

jason urness learning maternity boudoir. trying to create a style using grain, but... (show more)

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David Hill Yes....face outline excellent due to darker background.....

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Jose Ayala Any input is welcomed. Noticed a hair on the cheek figured that it could... (show more)

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David Hill Hey Jose! I would say that she is under exposed in this shot. Background clouds/water etc all look good. Did you have the metering spot on her face? David

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Michael Enoh General critic. I will like to improve on the lighting and position of... (show more)

Joshua Alonso Anyone see something I should have done differently in order to improve... (show more)

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alex kennedy I would have made this rail come out of the corner.  My eyes want to start here and travel around the rial to the top of the image, so anything below... (show more)

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Meliena Decuypere Made some edits (mostly to the warm and cold colours) after very useful... (show more)

Babdog_2020 Hi, Can you please give some feedback on this image! This is for my blog... (show more)

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Thomas Fedora You might consider a polorizing filter to remov some of the reflection unless that was an intentional element