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Raymond Ching How to improve the look and colors of this image?

Christina Testerman Brand new at photography and just wanted some all around pointers if you... (show more)

Andy Krieger A fun afternoon/evening practicing with my daughter on lighting. Sun was... (show more)

Top Critique

Matthew Saville I'm not sure I'm OK with the very top of her beanie going off the edge of the shot. I always try and snap at least one "loose" shot that gives me just a... (show more)

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Cedric Labour Hello, just want your thoughts on this? thanks

Randi Heisler Comments? Suggestions? Anything??

Most Recent Critique

Robert Owens Just get a wired remote shutter. If you camera manufacture makes one then get that. Otherwise any name brand should do. They are like $10 and since you... (show more)

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Robert Owens Suggestions on composition, etc.

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Robert Owens Thank you very much Randi. I have done landscape and wildlife for a while but just now stepping into portraiture. I have a website if you want to see more... (show more)

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