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CreativeLive + SLR Lounge Photo Week 2017 | 5 Days Of The Best Education & SLR Loungers Get A Discount

By SLR Lounge Official on October 10th 2017

Many of you may recall when we partnered with CreativeLive over a year ago, and this year for CreativeLive’s Photo Week 2017 we’re integrating even further by bringing Photo Week ‘in-house’, and CreativeLive is taking full advantage of the SLR Lounge Critique Platform to do it!

Photo Week is CreativeLive’s biggest photography education event on the calendar, and whether you’re attending in-person or online, it’s easy to see why. To be concise, here’s a snapshot of what’s involved:

  • 40 hand-picked classes
  • 20 World Renowned Photographers
  • 4 Keynotes
  • 5 education-packed days to launch your photography career.

What’s being covered?

  • Posing and directing techniques for men, women, and large groups
  • Lighting courses to inspire and give shape to your next creative idea
  • Retouching and workflow solutions
  • Legal advice on releases, rights, and write-offs
  • How to set your price and develop a realistic pricing structure for your clients
  • How to build and brand your photography business

Who’s teaching & How To take part

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the names on the list of educators, as they comprise a world-class spread of photographers with a penchant for educating, each with their own specialties and area of focus to bring to you the help you need to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, in the shortest amount of time. Those like Clay Cook, Scott Robert Lim, Brooke Shaden, Lindsay Adler, Chris Knight, Joe, McNally, Pratik Naik, and many more.

As with any CreativeLive class they’re free if you catch it live, and if you want to have all the classes to refer back to and digest at your own speed the entire collection –all 40 classes, all 5 keynotes, all 5 critiques, and all in HD– you can, for $199. However, SLR Lounge followers get a 15% discount by clicking here and using code SLRLOUNGE15.

And there’s also the Live Access Pass to attend in person, which we’ll cover more a little below.

*of course use this link and code SLRLOUNGE15 for discount

Join Us & Be Part Of It All

Whether you’re at CL’s HQ in Seattle or taking part online, this isn’t a static viewing experience, but an integrated and actionable one. As mentioned above, we’re bringing Photo Week ‘in-house’, and CreativeLive is taking full advantage of the SLR Lounge Critique Platform to do it!

During Photo Week our Critique platform will look a little different, but expect it to be even more engaging. Everyone taking part in Photo Week is encouraged to submit images for critique, and each day will host instructor-led critiques on your submitted images. There will be around 15-20 images done live and more after the fact. This is your chance to receive direct feedback from photography experts and grow your skills.

Images must be submitted by midnight the day prior, and pertain to the following:

Photo Week Critique Schedule:

You can also attend the event in person and get the Live Access Passholder experience which includes the following:

What You Get With the LIVE ACCESS PASS:

  • The entire Photo Week bundle for download, which includes 40 classes, as well as all 4 keynote events.
  • FREE reserved seating in all of our exclusive Keynote Events with some of the most influential photographers in the industry like Benjamin Von Wong and Stacy Pearsall.
  • Guaranteed spot in the audience for 20 of the 40 expert photo classes
  • Light breakfast and lunch every day in-studio.
  • Opportunity to meet with one or more of the our expert instructors for a personalized portfolio review.
  • Access to the private Photo Week LIVE ACCESS Passholder Facebook group where you’ll get news, instruction, directions, and behind-the-scenes information leading up to Photo Week, as well as a chance to get to know your other Passholders to make the experience even more awesome.

Regardless of whether you’re catching it live at home, or in person at the studios, or purchasing the week, this is some of the best value in education around from a carefully curated group of spectacular photographers. We look forward to seeing and joining you all.


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