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Creative Photo Project – Girlfriend Leading a Worldwide Adventure

By Matthew Saville on March 3rd 2013

You know me, I’m always inspired by how common photography concepts turn into beautiful, creative projects.  As a photographer who has been clicking photos for at least a decade now, I often dismiss the casual, everyday types of photos and just snap them un-ceremoniously without a second thought.  Well, here’s something fun! A photo project based on the simple concept of, well, the photographer’s girlfriend leading them around by the hand.  Around the world, that is!  Check out these awesome images…










The photos are created by Russian Photographer Murad Osmann who started photographing his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova’s backside when she was annoyed at him for obsessing with his camera during a trip to Barcelona, Spain.  (According to PetaPixel, read the full article HERE.)  To view Murad Osmann’s Instagram stream, click HERE.

It just goes to show, no photographic concept should be considered “ordinary”!

=Matthew Saville=

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Little too heavy on the PP.

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  2. Noaman khan

    too Much HDR for my taste. 

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  3. Sakari

    Great idea and great photos!

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