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SLR Lounge and CreativeLive Partnership Announcement!

By Pye Jirsa on January 11th 2016

Bringing You The Best in Education

At SLR Lounge, we take pride in the educational resources that we’ve created, and now we’re teaming up with CreativeLive to take things to the next level. Check out the full announcement in the video below.

SLRLounge and CreativeLive Partnership Announcement

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What Does This Mean?

SLR Lounge’s library of educational content has now been adopted in the CreativeLive course library. That means if you have a CreativeLive account, you can start purchasing SLR Lounge courses, starting with Photography 101, Lighting 101, and Lighting 201.


This also means we’re going to be doing an entire series of live education that’s going to be exclusively available on CreativeLive on January 11 and 12th. Be sure to check it out here!

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Shannon Power

    Will SLR Lounge Premium Members have access to this content as well?

    | |
    • Christopher Lin

      Hi Shannon: You have access to all of the 101 and 201 content that we have shared with CreativeLive. The stuff we recorded directly on CreativeLive belong to them exclusively, so we are not able to share that content with our users at this time.

      | |
  2. April Payton


    | |
  3. | |
  4. Evan Chistie

    It turns out that I love SLR Lounge and Creative Live as well. All the best with the upcoming nuptials. Congratulations!

    | |
  5. Stephen Glass

    Very cool!

    | |
  6. Alex Petrenko

    Your Lightroom presets discount code doesn’t work :)

    | |
  7. Jorge Sedano

    Does this mean that if we purchased any of those courses we’ll be able to watch them on creative live? It’s so much easier with creative live because we can watch them wherever we’d like, as long as we have internet access.

    | |
  8. Brandon Dewey

    I watched it live today and i can’t wait for tomorrows lessons.

    | |
  9. Isaak Kwok

    Great news!

    | |
  10. Joseph Ford

    great partnership

    | |
  11. Daniel Thullen

    Cool! Congratulations!

    | |
  12. Tanya Goodall Smith

    So excited for this!

    | |
  13. Rick Burgett


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