As starving artists, we don’t always have the funds to purchase every piece of equipment our little heart desires, plus every other week, there seems to be a new piece of gear we “must have.” So, we are forced to beg, borrow, rent, and hopefully, eventually one day, we buy it, only to have another new “must have” item be announced; the neverending process of being a photographer.

While we diligently save our pennies, we have to be creative with the equipment we do own. Sometimes, that may mean a trip to Home Depot to get the materials for a DIY project, while other times, we find ways to use our current equipment to do what we need it to do.


If our workshop Photography 101 taught you anything, it is that you can make great images using minimal gear. But can you make great video effects using only a tripod? Yes, you can and in the following video, Jordy Vandeput of shows us 5 cinematic camera tricks you can create using only a Manfrotto tripod. By thinking creatively and using only a tripod, he shows you to recreate the effects of a jib or crane, a steadicam, drone, selfie shot or a 360 Spin. Jordy also talks about two types of tripods – a photo tripod and a video tripod – and the benefits of each.

So, if you’re looking to create some cinematic effects in your videos and don’t want to spend any money, pick up your tripod and watch the video below!

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