A couple of days ago, Pye went Live in the SLRL Facebook page to demonstrate two techniques that are included in an upcoming Special Effects Tutorial which uses elements in front of a lens to create interesting and unique lens flares.

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Light Streaks Created with A Crystal Bookmark

lens-flare-photographyHis first trick involves a floral crystal bookmark found at Michael’s (but Amazon has something similar). Using the crystals to refract light into the scene, streaks of sunlight start to fall into the image from the top right corner. Watch it in action in the video below:

Sun Flare Through the Veil


We’ve shown many examples of shooting through a veil or using a veil as foreground in an image in our SLR Lounge Facebook Photography Community, however, this technique is a bit different. Pye places his fingers just in front of the sun, similar to how you would shield your lens from letting in lens flare, but instead of trying to completely eliminate it from the scene, he spreads his fingers out to let in streaks of sunlight. See the process in the video below:

This course will include roughly 25 lens elements that can be used to manufacture creative effects, stay tuned for more coming soon! Become a SLRL Premium member to get exclusive early access to new education & tutorials weekly!

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