A few years ago, there was a trend where photographers created a promo video, not unlike a commercial, for their brand and business. This was a way to allow potential clients to see some of your personality and how you work. I don’t know how effective it was because I never got around to actually making one, but nonetheless, it was fun to see some of the videos. Now, that trend has evolved into behind the scenes videos. A behind the scenes video is an effective marketing tool to promote your photography business, build your brand, and engage your audience.


A behind the scenes video can serve many purposes. For other photographers, we like to see how other people shoot, especially someone whose work or career we admire, how they interact with clients, what gear they use, etc. For potential clients, they can see what your personality is like and help them get to know you a little bit. For commercial clients, they can use the video for additional marketing and promotional purposes. Even Facebook has changed its ever-evolving algorithms to reflect a more video-centric news feed.

In the following video created by Nikon USA, commercial and fashion photographer, Dixie Dixon gives us tips and tricks for shooting your own BTS video. The video is 6 minutes long, and Dixie gives tips on what elements to include, tips on editing the video, and how to promote it after it’s done. I know what I’ll be working on this weekend!

To see more of Dixie’s work, check out her website. To see the original blog post for this video, click here.

[Via ISO1200/Dixie Dixon]