Have you ever wondered how photographers achieve that dreamy image look? Much like everything else with photography, it’s all about light. I’ll explain two ways you can produce the effect. One way is affordable and available on Kickstarter for only 24 hours! The other, is (almost) free!

Fractical Filters

Nikk Wong recently introduced his new product, Fractical Filters, currently available on Kickstarter. This new tool allows you to create stunning effects that are easy to produce. By using one of the 3 filters (although a 4th might be announced depending on the success of the campaign), the images you capture can render a dreamy kaleidoscope look. With interesting patterns and delicious bokeh opportunities, this tool can add an interesting look to your style of photography.

Check out more samples below:

Filter A; f/2, 1/640, iso800
Filter A; f/2.8, 1/50, iso400

Here’s what the final product will look like: fractical-filters The ‘Almost Free’ Option

In our studio here at Lin & Jirsa, one of the partners and fellow SLR Lounge writer and co-founder Christopher Lin uses a Prism. He keeps it in his Pelican case and occasionally holds it in front of his lens to create a similar effect. Personally, I find the technique extremely useful. Besides utilizing it as a special visual effect it can be applied as a tool to isolate your subjects from busy backgrounds.



The Fractal Filters and the Prism technique work because of the manipulation of light. Much like everything in photography controlling the light allows you to shape, bend and transform the viewer’s perspective on a particular image. When light passes through these objects it is refracted, reflected and manipulated in a way that it can produce extraordinary visuals.

During the course of a wedding, there are many objects that are shiny, reflective, and translucent. Take advantage of these objects as shoot-through items. It might be a transparent colored lamp, some crystal-like beads hanging from an ornate setup, water from a fountain or even, a colored beer bottle. Now, I’d like to caution you before asking the bartender for empty alcohol bottles then preceding to walk through the reception to setup your shot. You might catch some awkward looks! If you do, make sure you explain yourself or maybe even show them the final shot to avoid any confusion. It’s happened to me quite a few times in my moments of creative meditation.

Check out some of our shoot-through examples below:

Shooting through the flower arrangement
Using the water falling from a fountain for foreground bokeh
Shooting through crystal beads dangling from a tall centerpiece

If you’re liking this effect make sure to check out Fractical Filters since it will only available for another 24 hours. Or grab the nearest Prism and shoot away!

via Kickstarter / FStoppers