While on my normal reading frenzy in the morning to catch up on all of my RSS feeds I came across this great article by Carsten Krieger Photography regarding landscapes. It was a great read and it opened my eyes to many things; including the fact that you do not have to travel far away to get stunning landscapes, for most people you can find them in your own backyard – or within a short drive from it.

Loop Head, Summer EveningCarsten makes the point that when you travel to a faraway place to shoot you may only have a few days to find and get the great shots, but when you are shooting close to home you have the time to really flesh out a location and find its secrets. The term “Its right under your nose” comes to mind here, sure the Alps and Amazon are beautiful – but I’m willing to bet there are some natural beauties within an hour or two drive of your house that you see every day so you take for granted.

In my case

I have the Oregon Coast about an hour and a half to the west, and the Cascade Mountains about an hour and a half to the east. I live in a great sweet spot, its part of what I love about Oregon. But that said, I have never taken the time to actually flesh out either of these great locations for landscape shots. It just goes to show, just because you see it regularly does not mean you can’t find some beauty in it worth capturing.