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Crane Operator 2000ft High Brings His Camera To Work

By Joseph Cha on December 20th 2013

Crane Operator For The 2nd Tallest Building In The World

The Shanghai Tower reached its full height of 2073 feet (making it the 2nd tallest building in the world), but it’s still under construction so there are cranes on the roof. Wei Gensheng is one of the crane operators and he captures extraordinary images from his unique vantage point above the city.

Wei Gensheng has won awards for his amazing photography, and you can see why just by looking at his photos. If I didn’t have such a debilitating fear of heights, I might attempt something like this. But for now I’m glad there are other photographers who can share their photography from these extraordinary point of views.














This makes me wonder, how many photographers have day jobs that aren’t photography related. Do you take your camera to work sometimes? Maybe we should make a national “take your camera to work” day.

[Source: 22words]


I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Southern California. When I don’t have a camera in my face I enjoy going to the movies and dissecting the story telling and visual aesthetics.


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  1. Julita

    Wow. Niesamowite.

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  2. AKL

    Wykop kurwa!!

    | |
  3. m__b

    WYKOP KURWA!!!!!!!!!!1

    | |
  4. Hans Kloss

    Ja pierdolę, zajebiste

    | |
  5. Kristof

    Kurwa wysoko w chuj

    | |
  6. Kristof

    Wolsztyn Last Stim Depot

    | |
  7. Jayvando

    Awesome photos… Access to a crane like that would make for some killer long exposed night shots!

    | |
  8. Brian Jim

    you need a nite shot….and see what cha get….

    | |
  9. john hagar

    He used to bring his gear to work — until they fired him for not concentrating on his work ;-O

    | |
    • Southern Curmudgeon

      Hardly. Crane operators spend many hours waiting. As long as they are awake, alert, and able to respond to a call for hook-up, very few – if any – companies have an issue with it.

      | |
  10. Souri

    Fantastic pics. Amazing views. (But as you said I leave this to others to do … too high for me …).

    I would have another question – related to copyright. Is it ok to post these photos on this blog. The original source is not quoted (you link to 22 words which links to man which credits China News). The photographers name nowhere to be found. Ok … the pics where part of a competition and most likely by entering he signed away the rights. But how do you know that it is allowed to post.

    | |
    • Joseph

      Believe me, I have tried to look for Wei Gensheng’s information, but he’s a very difficult man to find. As for now I simply wanted to share some of his amazing work and hopefully inspire others to do something similar (safely of course). If he requests for them to be removed then I will do so immediately.

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