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    Ed Rhodes


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    Remember, a Camera is Just a Tool, Right? tutorial

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    [Gear] Vintage Nikon Fisheye Lens on Sale for $160,000 | Fstoppers

    […] of 25cm and features a slip-on front lens cap and is delivered in a rugged metal case.Via: HUH and SLR Lounge __From Amy Hobbs:Thank you so much for reading! You can find me on Facebook or my website. Have a […]

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    Rui Silva

    Imagine the lens cap on that!

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    Stephen Wall Morris

    One of the biggest problems with this lens is trying not to get your feet or legs of a tripod in the shot. I remember first coming across this lens in 1985 when I visited the Nikon store in NYC, it’s a serious piece of glass

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    it looks nice but not worth it

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    Roach Photography Uk


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    Roach Photography Uk


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    I want to see some shots from that.

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    Joe Gunawan

    Sample image!


    And a post-corrected image sample:


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    Morten Gimm Kongsfelt

    Just… Ridicoulus…

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