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Cool DIY Camo Rain Cover

By Anthony Thurston on March 9th 2013

I recently came across a rather ingenious DIY project that I thought I would share with you all. Rob Gipman, a photographer from the Netherlands, built this neat DIY water resistant sleeve for his Canon 100-400L lens. The best part is that it is just a bit of fleece and a combination of a few different water resistant solutions.

DIY Camo Rain Sleeve

Rob put this together for his Canon 100-400L, but since it is just fabric you could easily modify it a bit to fit your lens and camera combination. The water resistant solutions are cheap too, so for under $30 you should be able to build this yourself and have a very effective rain cover.

I am actually thinking of maybe doing this for my Nikon 300mm F4 and D7000 combination, though I would modify the cover to go over both the lens and the camera. The weather around here can get rather wet about every month except July and August, so a cheap weather cover like this could be a great addition to my arsenal.

[via DIYPhotography]

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  1. Basit Zargar

    keeping it warm :P

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  2. BDWT

    It’s a simple enough idea, I had made something like that for my videocamera years ago, the only downside is that it’s nice to have access to your focus and zoom rings so maybe think about adding a flap/opening somewhere on the side if you ever try making one. 

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