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The Most Controversial Stories of 2013

By Anthony Thurston on December 18th 2013

As the year begins to wind down we have started to put together a series of “the year in review” type posts, starting today with this collection of our most controversial stories of 2013.

Two Thousand and Thirteen was an interesting year, we had stories of crazy CEO statements, Anti-semetic Videographers, Anti-LBGT Photographers, as well as controversy involving dead lions and elk. Now lets take a look back at the years most controversial stories (In no particular order).

1. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer States There Is No Such Thing As A Professional Photographer Anymore


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer got into some hot water back towards the end of May with these comments regarding professional photographers in her statements announcing the Flickr redesign.  Read the full Story

2. New Mexico Photographer “Forced” To Shoot LGBT Wedding Appeals To The Supreme Court


A New Mexico based photographer appealed to the supreme court after she was found guilty of discrimination after refusing to shoot an LBGT wedding and incurring a $7,000 fine.  Read The Full Story

3. Videographer Delivers Anti-Semitic Rant to Jewish Bride on Wedding Video


A UK based videographer landed in some hot water from the jewish community after delivering a bride her wedding video with a anti-semitic rant at the end. Read The Full Story

4. Hunting Show Host Poses With Dead Lion, Image Causes Outrage In African Country


US based hunting show host Melissa Bachman poses for a photo of a lion that she just killed, sparking outrage from the African nation and a petition of over 16,000 signatures. Read The Full Story

5. Fitness Mom’s “Call To Action” Draws Sharp Criticism for “Fat Shaming”


Fitness Mom Maria Kang caused quite a stir with her photo asking women what their excuse was for not being fit. The photo featured herself as well as her three children. Read the Full Story

6. National Geographic Contest Winner Disqualified After Photoshop Discovered


A little photoshop never hurt anyone right? Wrong. A National Geographic contest prize winner is disqualified over photoshopping out a plastic bag from the scene. Read The Full Story

7. Elk Killed After Altercation With Photographer


A young Elk was put down by Park Rangers after an altercation with a wildlife photographer. The photographer expresses deep remorse over the fate of the Elk. Read The Full Story

8. Rob Adams Shown To Be Stealing Workshop Material From Adam Forgione


A video surfaces showing alarming similarities – or blatant plagiarism – between the workshops hosted by Adam Forgione and Rob Adams. Read The Full Story

9. PASS hit the photography community by storm, but drew harsh criticism over pricing


PASS caught the attention of many photographers for its ease of use and great sharing capabilities. Sadly many found out after signing up that the service was built on ridiculous pricing. Read The Full Story

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Did we miss any on our list? What other controversial stories from 2013 do you remember? Share them in a comment below.

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Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. He recently started a new project, Fiercely Boudoir to help support the growing boudoir community. Find him over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.

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  1. Connie

    I agree Mayer can stay off the radar and do us all a favor. However, I am baffled why anyone with a sense of business would turn away in the case of the LGBT wedding. That said though what kind of people skills must you have or lack as the case may be that you would make a big issue of turning down business in something you don’t agree with. Didn’t that photographer have enough smarts to just say no, I am booked that day? With that kind of antagonist attitude why would you want to put your special moments into that persons hands?
    So for controversy I think New Mexico photographer and the videographer hit the mark on many levels, first of all for such socially unacceptable values, but also for not being intelligent enough to just decline instead of making it all about “you”.

    | |
  2. theo

    I personally think Mayer is such a phony. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

    | |