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Control Lighting With a DIY Life-sized Lightbox

By Lonnie Thurston on June 21st 2014

A lot of photographers put small objects in a box with walls made out of diffusion material to create even lighting. Photographer Kevin Lynch took that idea further and created a box large enough for people to move around in. The idea sprang out of his desire to emulate outside lighting any time of day while on location shooting a movie poster. He put it together with PVC pipe and diffusion material.


The nice thing about using PVC pipe is that you can swap out material to create a lightbox, a diffusion box, or a shadowless box.

The white box allows you to create consistent lighting you can control in an environment that feels safe for your subject. They can move around freely and the lighting stays consistent. They don’t have to stand in one spot.


You can put plexiglass on the floor to add dimension, reflections, and depth.


This is a great idea that could be used in a variety of ways. I could see using a box like this at events where photos need to be taken, such as: festivals, proms, concerts, tournaments.

Via DIY Photography

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Lonnie Thurston is a wedding, nature, and sports photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area.

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  1. Dick Raymond

    It may be a rehashing of old methods, but it does bring up valid points, fresh ideas and something for people to consider doing for themselves. I like the idea!

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  2. Ian Moss

    Yep it’s a cool idea, but as has been said, reinventing the wheel. I used to do the same sort of thin in the early ’80’s photographing university events, and it works really well.

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  3. Tyler Friesen

    thats pretty cool.

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  4. Lonnie Thurston

    Kurk, the plexiglass comes in pieces, not one big sheet.

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  5. Kurk Rouse

    Very interesting indeed but you will need a truck to move that size plexi glass around

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  6. Jim Johnson

    I have been seeing this float around the web for the last week or so, and it kind of frustrates me.

    This is how they took photos 150 years ago. They had a wagon or a tent that was translucent and would travel with all their equipment around the country side selling photos from town to town. This also how silent era movie studios were set up.

    I have no problem with people re-discovering or adapting old techniques, but this is hardly an original idea and the implication that he invented this technique (or made it big enough to put people in it) is laughable.

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  7. Anthony Thurston

    Interesting idea…

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