As photographers and videographers, we ask a lot from our primary editing systems. We need them to be fast, efficient, and reliable. But just because you use and rely on these computers, doesn’t mean you are all geeked out over tech specs.


So today, we are here to answer a question. A question you have probably thought about at some point if you have upgraded to a new editing machine. The question is: How much RAM and CPU Cores do I need? The conventional thought has always been, more is better, but is that really the case?

Well, the short and sweet answer is yes, but only to a point. Lucky for you, the guys over on Linus Tech Tips have made this great video with all the details you need to know. Unlike other resources you may find, they actually based their testing around the Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 programs (After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere), so you can get a pretty clear look at what sort of power you will need to get the most out of these programs.

As you can see, more is definitely better across the board, but once you get to a certain point (the sweet spot as we will call it), your returns on investment drop dramatically. So while it might be cool to brag about having a maxed out system, your performance will actually not do much more than someone with a system at the sweet spot.

Where does your current system stand in relation to the sweet spots talked about in this video? Maybe it’s worth upgrading your RAM or CPU a little to see your performance increase a ton, or maybe your system is right where it needs to be to get optimum performance without spending more to¬†get small gains.

[via Linus Tech Tips on YouTube]