In this Thanksgiving episode of SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique, we go over among other things, the importance of having a good subject matter over processing techniques. Good use of compositional technique, lighting, and subject choice can help make a photograph look interesting before adding any post-processing technique such as HDR.

At the same time, a good use of post-processing approach can work to make a photo more interesting if used properly as in the case of the first photo, Mirror Metro. We also take a look at shallow depth of field for family and pet portraits, as well as compositional symmetry in food photography.

Enjoy the video!

Constructive Video Critique Video

Mirror Metro by Bryan: Thread link
Mirror Metro by Bryan

Sadie Dog by NvrClr: Thread link
Sadie Dog by NvrClr

San Clemente Beach by EverLastingPhotography: Thread link
San Clemente Beach by EverLastingPhotography

Heavens Above by Neilmac: Thread link
Heavens Above by Neilmac

Cheeky Smile by katrinamumof7: Thread link
Cheeky Smile by katrinamumof7

Margarita Anyone by nickbrock7: Thread link
Margarita Anyone by nickbrock7

Old Church Gate Screw by acmdv1975: Thread link
Old Church Gate Screw by acmdv1975

The Forgotten Bunker by hck: Thread link
The Forgotten Bunker by hck

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