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Constructive Video Critique Ep 5: Importance of Subject Matter over Processing Technique

By Pye Jirsa on November 22nd 2012

In this Thanksgiving episode of SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique, we go over among other things, the importance of having a good subject matter over processing techniques. Good use of compositional technique, lighting, and subject choice can help make a photograph look interesting before adding any post-processing technique such as HDR.

At the same time, a good use of post-processing approach can work to make a photo more interesting if used properly as in the case of the first photo, Mirror Metro. We also take a look at shallow depth of field for family and pet portraits, as well as compositional symmetry in food photography.

Enjoy the video!

Constructive Video Critique Video

Mirror Metro by Bryan: Thread link
Mirror Metro by Bryan

Sadie Dog by NvrClr: Thread link
Sadie Dog by NvrClr

San Clemente Beach by EverLastingPhotography: Thread link
San Clemente Beach by EverLastingPhotography

Heavens Above by Neilmac: Thread link
Heavens Above by Neilmac

Cheeky Smile by katrinamumof7: Thread link
Cheeky Smile by katrinamumof7

Margarita Anyone by nickbrock7: Thread link
Margarita Anyone by nickbrock7

Old Church Gate Screw by acmdv1975: Thread link
Old Church Gate Screw by acmdv1975

The Forgotten Bunker by hck: Thread link
The Forgotten Bunker by hck

The Previous Episode

To watch the previous episode of Constructive Video Critique, click on this link.

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    love the puppy pic

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