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Constructive Critique Episode 16: Composition and How To Frame The Shot

By Pye Jirsa on March 22nd 2013

In this episode of SLR Lounge’s Constructive Critique, we’re going to try something new-

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Composition And How To Frame The Shot

Composition and framing are the two most basic aspects of photographic creativity.  There are an infinite number of rules when it comes to composition.  While all of them are meant to be broken some of the time, often times they’re helpful in making an overall improvement in the impact of a photo.  Sometimes the improvement is slight, sometimes the improvement is dramatic, and of course sometimes the decision itself is a matter of personal preference, and viewers are simply left to debate the merits of a photo.

But that’s what photography is all about!  Involving the viewer in your images, making them think.  Sometimes, leaving something out of an image can be what makes it work, because the viewer starts to wonder what the story is!

In this video, we will discuss a number of different images from portraits to landscapes, and how their composition and framing might be improved.  One common point of discussion is paying attention to the direction your subjects are facing within your composition.  Often times, if your subject is towards the edge of your composition, or even just at the rule of thirds, you must decide whether you want your subject to be looking towards the edge of the frame, or towards the center of the frame.  It can work both ways, depending on the intention of the photograph, but sometimes it can de-emphasize the impact of the subject.

Until next time, enjoy!

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Hilly330-skater-lifeSkater Life by Gatecitykid

FLMfotografia-a-couple-and-the-woodsA Couple and the Woods by FLMfotografia

JND Photography-Recent-Headshot-SessionHolly B. 1 by JND Photography

andreanefraser-concert-photographyConcert Photography by andreanefraser

Buddy-View-of-LyonView of Lyon

andreas-christensen-winter-in-swedenWinter in Sweden by andreas christensen

chris_holtmeier-its-finally-feeling-like-springIt’s finally feeling like spring by chris_holtmeier

dretket-barren-tundraBarren Tundra by dretket

Buddy-BikesBikes by Buddy

…And the winner of the Episode 16 Constuctive Critique is…

Nine7Nine-gas-maskGas Mask by Nine7Nine

Congratulations, Nine7Nine!

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    Ah! I just discovered you critiqued one of my shots! Almost a year late!

    Thanks Pye!

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    Thank you for the critique! This site has really helped my photography, and I hope to win that gift card someday!

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