In this episode of SLR Lounge’s Constructive Critique, Pye talks about using mixed lighting for that television drama look, choosing the right light and color toning to fit the style and mood of the images.

About the SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique

The SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique series gives you, our readers, the chance to have your photos constructively critiqued by our staff as well your peers in the photography community.

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Constructive Video Critique Video

The Images

Light Bulb: Thread link
01 Light Bulb by Bryan

Unless you are going for a that moody, chilly look, a more flattering light may be better for this image.

Blue Eyes: Thread link
02 Blue Eyes by Iceheat

Great color with toning with blue eyes compared to the golden-tone. However, it maybe better to crop more of the right side.

Here’s Looking at You Kid: Thread link
03 Here's looking at you kid by mbridge87

Nice pop from post, probably no need for vignetting because it darkened the bill a bit. Frame it a bit more to the left and have some more negative space on the right.

Experimental Car Shoot: Thread link
04 Experimental Car Image by Lee

It’s important to make sure the details of the car interior are sharp by lighting it from the sides. This will add some side highlights and bring out the textures more.

Experimenting with Product Photography: Thread link
05 Experimenting by KevinCollins

Use lighting that will bring out edge detail and shape the highlights and shadows of the watch. Flagging and more lights will help to create this look. Also, if you are going for an advertising look, be sure to photoshop out the tiny scratches on the watch.

The “D” Sisters – Brenizer Effect: Thread link
06 D Sisters 2 by anmith88
06 D Sisters by anmith88

From the viewer’s perspective, the main point of interest is the Brenizer effect for the super-shallow DOF. The better way to use techniques such as this or HDR is to make an already interesting photo more interesting. It should not be the only factor that makes the photo interesting. Also, it’s more flattering to shoot a subject closer to the waist level. Shooting from a higher perspective made the subjects’ leg look short.

Self Portrait at Office: Thread link
07 Self Portrait at Office  by Peppe124

Nice use of mixed lighting that has a look of a television drama with the tungsten light in the foreground and cool blue lighting in the background. Adding some hair or rim light can help separate your hair. Add more blue light to the window and dim the light of the files on the upper left side.

1st pics of baby Henry: Thread link
08 1st pics of baby Henry by Jeremy Davis

Looks album worthy. May increase the depth of field just a tad.

Sunrise: Thread link
09 Sunrise by Christophe

Waking up before sunrise to catch the sunrise proves to be worth it! The only thing that may help is maybe a presence of a subject. If anything, it may be better to clone out the lone bright cloud above the sun since it comwpetes for attention.

Putting my head on high: Thread link
10 Putting my head up high by mcjoli

Great look, pose, and hair from the model. One thing though is that she’s in the dark side of the areas. The strong highlights in the background draw the eyes away from her. Also, there is too much clarity on the subject. It would be better to have the clarity on the hair and not the skin. It works if you’re going for a grungy look for the image, though.

Beach walk: Thread link
11 Beach Walk by Hilly330

Her looking to the right is actually just fine, even though it “breaks” the compositional rule. If anything, the reason to shift the composition to the right is more to show the ocean. The houses on the left side is not as interesting and doesn’t help with the mood of the shot as much because all the varying colors. The overall production is great, though! Really fits the overall scene.

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