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Constructive Critique Episode 14: Cars, Sports, and Portraits

By Pye Jirsa on February 15th 2013

In this episode of SLR Lounge’s Constructive Critique, Pye talks subject matter with car and sports photography, as well as a great example of cinematic-style portrait.

About the SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique

The SLR Lounge Constructive Video Critique series gives you, our readers, the chance to have your photos constructively critiqued by our staff as well your peers in the photography community.

Submitting an image is free and easy! All you have to do is visit the Constructive Critique section of the SLR Lounge Forum and start a thread with your image in it. Please be sure to read the rules prior to posting, and please limit to one unique image per thread. Finally, whether you are posting your images or giving critique to someone else’s, please keep all comments constructive and objective.

Constructive Video Critique Video

The Images

Drive the Net by Josh: Thread link
01 Drive the Net by Josh

NYC Long Exposure by Wingc008: Thread link
02 NYC Long Exposure by Wingc008

Jumping Joy by Algreen: Thread link
03 Jumping Joy by Algreen

Whiskey Nine7Nine: Thread link
04 Whiskey Nine7Nine

Car Photography by InfuzedMedia: Thread link
05 Car Photography by InfuzedMedia

University Library by Christophe: Thread link
06 University Library by Christophe

Portrait by Wingc008: Thread link
07 Portrait by Wingc008

The Previous Episode

To watch the previous episode of Constructive Video Critique, click on this link.

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