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Half the Calories, Twice the Photographic Fun: Conceptual “Cut Food” Photography by Beth Galton

By Anthony Thurston on May 10th 2013

Food photography is one of those things that I absolutely love to look at, when it’s done right it can make you crave whatever the dish featured is. Normally food photography is all about selling a dish or item to be bought and consumed. Today I came across a very interesting conceptual food shoot by Photographer Beth Galton & Food Stylist Charlotte Omnes, it’s called “Cut Food” and it features a look at food in a way you normally would not see it.


Beth and Charlotte teamed up to design these very neat shots, featuring food cut in half. Some of the items include Cup of Noodles, Jelly Donuts, Ice cream, canned soup and cereal in the box. It’s a very unique view on things that I thought was really cool and so I wanted to share a bit.

According the Beth, the series was originally inspired by an assignment in which they were required to cut a burrito in half for their client. They decided to take it a step further with this series and take a look past the surface of these food we commonly eat and into the interior worlds of these products.

Really cool stuff! You can find the full set on Beth’s website.





It’s a cool series huh? It reminds me a lot of the Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking cook book that I saw a while back. In that book that took it to a slightly higher level than what Beth has done, showing the food being cooked in half. Both are really neat concepts, and something that I would love to try someday.

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