Composition is about more than just the rule of thirds or the golden ratio. While those rules are important, it is also important to understand what the elements in your scene are actually doing, and how they will effect the experience of the person viewing your image.


In this quick tip video from Adorama TV, photographer Bryan Peterson talks about an important mistake that many photographers – myself included – make often. That mistake is having high contrast shifts in your image that draw the viewers attention away from the subject of the image.

The video below takes place in my neck of the woods down at Silver Falls State Park, one of the most beautiful places I know of, and a waterfall lover’s heaven. Bryan shows you how a simple change in composition, removing a high contrast distraction, can take an ok photo, and make it a much better one (as far as viewer experience). Take a look…

What are your thoughts on this tip? Do you agree that the second shot was easier to view than the first? Leave a comment below and let us know!

[via Adorama TV]