One criteria that may not mean much (to most) when comparing cameras that you are going to buy is the noise that the shutter makes, but it sure is interesting just for comparison’s sake. Youtube user Doc H has produced a video which compares the various sounds  created by 17 different Canon DSLR models.

The video starts on the low end with the likes of the 300D, moving along through the 400D, 550D, 5DII, 60D, 7D, and ending with the 1D X. Its is actually pretty interesting how different the shutter noises are across these different generations/levels of DSLR. Check out the video below:

That 1D X sounds like a flipping machine gun huh? I thought this video was interesting because its not every day that you get to hear the differences between camera shutter noise. Its one of those things that in your mind they all sound the same, but actually the sound is pretty unique to each camera model.

What is your favorite Shutter sound? Which is your least favorite? Let us know in a comment below.