The topic for this weeks episode comes from the multiple reader requests that I received last week, after posting the “How I Shot It” -video about my latest photograph “Memento”. You guys expressed your interest in learning more about the post-processing and colour grading that I did to the image, so I decided that today we’d take an in-depth look at colour grading with the curves adjustment panel:

So here’s a quick written recap of the steps that I went through when working on the colours for “Memento”:

1) Increased the contrast a tiny bit

2) Added some blue tones into the shadows and yellow into the mid-tones/highlights

3) Added some green into the shadows and mid-tones

4) Added a slight tint of cyan (the opposite colour of red) into the shadows and added some red into the mid-tones

5) Opened up the Hue/Saturation -panel and desaturated the yellow tones

Final Image

As always, if you have any questions concerning the video and this article or suggestions for future episodes, just shoot me an email ( or leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions. :)