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Colbert Report Roasts Chicago Sun-Times for Firing Photography Staff

By Jules Ebe on June 6th 2013

In last night’s Colbert Report, our friend Stephen Colbert let the Chicago Sun-Times know exactly what he felt about them pink-slipping their entire photojournalist staff to save on production costs. Colbert humorously roasts the media outlet for its lack of respect for its own journalists and over-zealous faith in the ability of the iPhone to replace the skills and craft of a seasoned team.

Photojournalists vs. iPhones – Colbert Report

So what was the board members of the Sun-Times thinking? Colbert explains, “you do not have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to take a great picture anymore. Just take a crappy picture and apply Instagram’s Pultizer Prize filter. Voilá.”

And what exactly is iPhone basics? Ah, yes, pushing the button.

Several talented photojournalists, including Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer John H. White, were told they would be replaced by freelancers and iPhone-wielding reporters. To read more on this story, click here.

You may also want to watch the video below as CNN talks to White about what layoffs mean for the news industry.

“Before people could read and write, there were the visuals. There will always be the visuals. It is the universal language everyone can understand.” ~ John H. White

John H. White Responds to Chicago Sun-Times Firing the Photo Staff

So what is next to get cut from the struggling newspaper? My guess is the writing team – because there are plenty of people out there with laptops that can do just as good a job, right?! I’m pretty sure some of the iPhone toting might not be too keen on that idea.

What are your thoughts concerning the Chicago Sun-Times’ actions and the industry response? Let us know.

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[via CNN and Colbert Nation]


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