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‘Coffee Universe’ Masterfully Replaces Backgrounds With Coffee Swirls

By Paul Faecks on July 9th 2014

Coffee is an essential part of the morning routine for almost everyone. Posting photos of your steaming coffee seems to be an Instagram trend. Hungarian artist Flora Borsi did something other than posting a picture of her Starbucks coffee though. Flora created a photo series showing landscapes and skylines in front of swirling coffee as a backdrop. She took the hipster coffee-trend to the next level and masterfully created very moody images with everyone’s favorite morning drink in them.

Here’s how Flora got the idea for these images:

Have you ever noticed how beautiful can be the Coffee? I was wondering about the basic rules of Nature. Our common sight of the World. I’ve created something that is different than what you’ve seen so far. This is my Coffee Universe.








I really like these images because I’m kind of an coffee addict. In my opinion, this is a great series based on a crazy creative idea. Flora is one of the most talented digital artists out there for a good reason. Her work as already been featured in numerous big publications including The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail and BBC Culture. She also has more than 15k followers on Adobe’s Behance.

If you want to check out more of Flora Borsi’s awesome work, you can do so at her Facebook page or her website. She has some other projects that you should definitely take a look at.

Credits: All photographs by Flora Borsi are copyrighted and have been used with permission for SLR Lounge. Do not copy, modify or re-post this article or images without express permission from SLR Lounge and the artist.

[via featureshoot]

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Paul Faecks is a portrait- and fine art photographer, based in Berlin. If you want to check out his latest work, you can do so by following him on Instagram or by liking his Facebook Page

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  1. Michael Moe

    looks great!

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  3. Jordan Buckway

    These images are awesome!

    | |
  4. Anthony McFarlane

    Nice work.

    | |
  5. Kathy Newman

    Very interesting.

    | |
  6. Rebecca Beatty

    I LOVE this! It’s almost like a photograph is turning into a paint!

    | |
  7. Raoni Franco

    Masterfully? hmmm, ok. She knows how to use masks and match overall color……..master!! And this coffe looks like it was made with the smudge tool and the oil paint filter applied to it. Sorry for the bad vibe, but I just don´t like these images and think that words like Master, Genius, Spectacular are well overused these days.

    | |
  8. Kate Hailey

    Very cool!

    | |
  9. Rafael Castro

    Creativity does not have limits!!! love it.

    | |