Robin Chavez has been one of my biggest inspirations since the start of my own photography journey. Breathtaking locations, gorgeous subjects (her children), and top notch post processing skills are a few key ingredients that will leave you mesmerized when viewing her images. Robin is always more than willing to share her photography knowledge with her peers. If you are not following her work, you are truly missing out!

Robin Chavez Photography

About Robin Chavez

Robin Chavez is a photographer who began her relationship with photography after photographing her own children. Although she photographs most genres, she finds true passion in photographing children. The beautiful landscapes of Washington and Oregon are often seen throughout her images as the backdrops of childhood exploration and imagination. Her work is often done in composites as she enjoys expressing the world in a way that children might see it.

Q & A With Robin Chavez

Q: What sparked your interest in photography?

A: I first became interested in photography after the birth of my youngest son, Ryder. I wanted a way to document my children’s lives and those moments that faded, changed and passed all too quickly for me. I purchased a used Canon T3i and experimented daily with it, learning all of its ins and outs while using my own children as subjects.


Q: What is your favorite shooting location, and why?

A: I love to shoot the stunning scenery throughout Washington state as my backdrop, but there is one location in particular I enjoy the most. It was discovered while doing some off-path exploration and scouting while on a road trip. Located near Vantage, Washington, it offers desert-like landscape, sagebrush, uniquely shaped rocks, a waterfall, gorge and river below. In the distance, a line of windmills can barely be seen along the ridge. It’s never overrun by people, usually just visited by an occasional mountain climber or avid hiker, and is especially lovely shortly before sunset.

Robin Chavez Photography

Q: Who has been your biggest inspirations?

A: Mainly inspired by children’s photography, I am drawn to the works of Jessica Drossin and Cream n Cocoa Photography.

Q: What’s in your camera bag?

A: I now shoot with a Canon 5d Mark II. You will also find the following lenses in my bag: 70-200 f2.8, 50mm f/1.4, and a 24-105mm f/4.

Q: What is your favorite “go to” lens?

A: I almost always shoot with my 70-200 2.8 lens because I like the sharpness and crisp details it provides, as well as the beautiful depth of field, so as to ultimately showcase my subject(s).

Robin Chavez Photography

Q: What sites and resources are your favorites for shooting/editing techniques?

A: I enjoy learning new techniques from my peers both in person for meet-ups and gatherings, as well as in photography Facebook groups. I also enjoy the teachings of Glyn Dewis through his inspiring YouTube tutorials.

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Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to all beginning photographers?

A: Shut out any negativity via social networking sites and just focus on learning. The industry can be rough on those new to photography, but when focusing attention on the support that is there and getting one’s hands on everything they can for intent to learn and grow with, they will become all that much more successful.


Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment as a photographer to date?

A: I choose to measure my success and accomplishments through the connections I create with my subjects. For me, being asked to attend such intimate moments as births, weddings, the passing of loved ones, funerals and special milestones is the biggest compliment and success a photographer could have.

Some of Robin’s Favorite Images

Robin Chavez Photography
Robin Chavez Photography
Robin Chavez Photography
Robin Chavez Photography
Robin Chavez Photography
Robin Chavez Photography
Robin Chavez Photography

To see more of Robin’s work and follow her on her photography journey, check out her Facebook or visit her website.  Whether she is sharing her beautiful images, inspiring/educational blog posts or an occasional overlay or two, Robin is high on my list of inspirational photographers.

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