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Children of Men – A Look at How Longer Shot Durations Change the Cinematic Feel

By Pye Jirsa on May 7th 2012

Let me start by saying I love cinematography. I love analyzing how color schemes, camera angles, and other cinematic techniques add to the overall emotion of a particular scene or overall film. In Children of Men, every scene was over 45 seconds in length (which is actually very long), and it ads a overall very realistic/documentary quality to feel of each scene.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Original article sourced from PetaPixel and Refocused Media.


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  1. Ed Rhodes

    great cinematography

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  2. ★✰★Original★✰★

    great article!

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  3. Joe Gunawan

    How funny, I saw this this past weekend. Just love it. What a great movie and a master class example in cinematography!

    – Joe Gunawan |

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