Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a table saw to your Nikon Z? Well, Swiss artist and photographer Fabian Oefner has just released an amazing new art project he’s calling CutUp. In the project, he takes vintage cameras, slices them up and sets them in resin to give an almost eerie look inside the tools we use every day.

CutUp: An Art Project by Fabian Oefner

In Oefner’s new project, he takes an “old archaic band saw” and cuts through vintage cameras with precisional brute force. Then he carefully polishes each and every slice before arranging them into a new shape and setting them in resin, forever captured in time. Using a vacuum and pressure chambers, Oefner “cures” the resin at a precise atmospheric temperature and pressure. The resulting sculptures give us a unique perspective of the ins and outs of these little machines.

So far, Oefner has completed a total of 6 CutUp camera sculptures, but he doesn’t plan on stopping there. He actually wants to expand the project into many different objects in the future.

Oefner is the type of artist to paint portraits with live rounds of ammunition. He’s also the type to blow up a $2 million Lamborghini for the sake of photography. So this project is a little tame by comparison, but oh so fascinating! We love all of the work this guy does!

To check out some of Oefner’s amazing work, visit his website and his Instagram. If you don’t, you’re missing out.

(Via DIYPhotography & PetaPixel)