Amulet, a company based in japan, has announced that they are going to be releasing new CompactFlash (CF) cards that comes with RAID style mirroring built into the device. Basically when in mirroring mode the device splits its storage in two and writes to both sections at once, so a 64GB card essentially becomes two 32GB cards.


This is an interesting concept to be sure, but how much practical value is there? Many cameras coming out now have dual card slots. This CF card manages to do this within a car. In its standard mode, the card offers 60MB/sec write speed, which drops to 25MB/s in mirroring mode, making it suitable for recording still images and HD video in both standard and mirroring modes. This new CF card will be released on June 14th in 64GB (32GB mirroring) capacity – price and availability still to be confirmed.

While this sounds really neat, I fail to see the value in this. Sure you can a second copy of an image on the CF card, but what happens when the CF card breaks, connectors get bent, or stolen… then you are still out your images and in the same boat as someone who had a normal CF card.

So kudos for thinking of cool ideas, but in the end I feel like this is just a reason for them to charge some crazy amount for a CF card with no real added benefits. I will not be buying one, but you may be interested. You can learn more about these CF card on their website.

**Price and Availability is still not announced**

[via DP Review]