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Celebrity Photos Flood Instagram – PeejeT’s Hilarious Photoshop Composites

By Jules Ebe on June 1st 2013

Ever want to live the high-life? You wouldn’t be alone. PeejeT, born Patrick Thorendahl, has amassed quite a following with his entourage of celebrity photos. The only thing – this impressive collection is not real. PeejeT has flooded his Twitter and Instagram account with Photoshopped images featuring himself hanging with the likes of Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and the who’s who of the hip-hop and sports world.

From lounging around with Rihanna, to ridding piggy-back on Beyoncé’s motorcycle, the clever photos take a hilarious look at pop culture and our views of the celebrity spectacle. And though he is not going to garner any awards for his retouching skills, the way he poses himself in the most ridiculous positions and random moments make each a comical treasure. I mean, who wouldn’t want some court-side time with Kobe or courtroom grooming with Amanda Bynes?

With so many manipulated photo-bombings, the hobbyist humorously tweets:

“I have zero real pics of myself. If I were to die there would be pics of Nicki Minaj’s buttcheeks resting on my forehead at my funeral.”












Not enough fame? For more, check out his Instagram.

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[via Gizmodo]


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