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Inspiration 15 Educational Events Happening Before April 2019
By SLR Lounge Official on February 21, 2019
We’ve rounded up some special educational events to give you the opportunity to grow and learn from some industry...

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Wedding Photojournalism Wedding Photojournalism: Preparing Clients for Memorable Moments, with Scott Josuweit | SLR Lounge Awards Artist Feature
By Amii & Andy Kauth on September 22, 2018
I really enjoy the fact that every wedding is totally unique in its own way. Heck,...
Wedding Photojournalism How To Master The Reception | Wedding Photography Guide, Pt. 8
By SLR Lounge Official on September 14, 2018
Welcome to part eight of our official Wedding Photography Guide, a series of weekly...
Wedding Photojournalism A Rant On Why One Photographer Hates the 24-70 For Wedding Photography | Do You?
By Kishore Sawh on May 5, 2018
To some, them be fighting words.
Wedding Photojournalism SLR Lounge Awards January 2018 Winners Announced!
By Shivani Reddy on February 17, 2018
Check out our incredible award winners from January!